Get Your Slice of the Cake with 5 Top-Ranked Best Pizza Stone for BBQ 2018

Best Pizza Stone for BBQ

Handpicked Pizza Stones for A BBQ Grill

Savor yummy oven-style baking goods done to a T with the pizza stone for bbq. Thermal-shock proof and high-performance pizza stone render an evenly heated cooking surface for the most delicate crisp crust.

Cream of the crop pizza stones with even heat appropriation and moisture uptake create a thin, crispy crust that cooks and thaws the toppings consistently. Sucking up moisture from the dough forms a super-crispy crust while drying and saucing up your favorite toppings.

Whipping up a pizza on the barbecue grill with a stone becomes taking candy from a baby. The hot kiln temperature of the pizza stone simulates an oven. When scrounging for the ideal pizza stone for bbq, our guide provides a wealth of information for a fine-tooth comb probe.

How to Coo​k Pizza on a Barbecue? 


  • Store-bought frozen pizza or homemade pizza dough
  • Tomatoes, peppers, seasonings, and other vegetables
  • Cheese or sliced fresh mozzarella
  • Delicious toppings like fresh basil, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, artichoke and olives
  • Pizza stone
  • Pizza Peel
  • Rolling pin

Whisk the Dough 

If you don’t have the dough at the ready, you can prepare at least 2 hours before grilling. You can also whip it up a day earlier or more.

prepare the dough

1. Blend the flour-yeast with salt in a super-massive bowl and mix thoroughly. Slowly throw in warm water as you mix. Beat with a wooden spatula and then knead with the hands. Keep rolling to ensure all the ingredients coalesce into one dough ball.

2. Place the pastry onto a floured surface and roll for a couple of minutes until it’s smooth and springy. Transfer the bread dough into a sizable bowl and seal using cling wrap. Keep in a warm area for up to two hours. It augments two-fold in size.

3. After the dough balloons out completely, take it to a floured board and slice into eight equal pieces. Knead each dough ball quickly and let them sink in for approximately twenty minutes.

4. You have pizza substrates ready for cooking or freezing to feed your face later.   

Baking Instructions 

1. Administer a pinch of cornmeal on the stone for a nonstick cooking surface. Place it at the midpoint of the barbecue grill. Fire up the grill to the maximum setting and close the cover.

2. Slice the dough into two equal balls. Roll out each ball into an ultra-thin circle slightly thicker along the edges for a crust. As you roll, keep your eyes on the dough to prevent sticking. You can smear a bit of flour on the surface if it sticks.

3. Push the pizza peel to ensure a stick-free lining, lightly spread or spoon sauce onto the dough without tainting the crust. Do not splatter sauce onto the margins of the mixture and board. It causes sticking.

4. Swash cheese atop the pizza and polish off with your favorite toppings.

5. With the pizza stone scorching hot, open the cover and gently transfer the dough to the pizza stone. You can tilt or jiggle the board slightly as you slide the pizza.

6. Close the lid and bake until the pizza appears tightly crusty and the cheese bubbly. It should take the shortest space of time. Serve while piping hot; remove it from the grill with tongs onto a slicing board.

7. While the first portion bakes, you can put in shape the other piece on the peel.

Benefits Of A Pizza Stone With BBQ 

Rich BBQ Flavor 

A pizza stone with barbecue offers gentle, even heat dispersal and retention to coax out the organic flavors of recipes. It also helps to maintain natural texture and coloring for the fullest taste of your dishes. Your pizza comes out with the crispiest and healthiest crust.

Prime Pizzeria 

With a pizza stone ensconced in your barbecue, you’ll convert it into a wood-fueled pizzeria. You can recycle charcoal as it fires up without spewing tons of ash making its maintenance easy duck soup. The heat of the stone will melt away grease deposits just like a self-cleanable oven. 

Restaurant-Quality Crusts  

Pizza stones provide a more efficient and grill-safe cooking surface that mimics the base of a roasting-hot oven by scattering heat evenly. It minimizes hot spots and sops away moisture from the dough for a crisp, bubbly, and charred crust.

Premium-Grade Materials 

Cordierite and other high-grade ceramics lead the pack with superior heat retention and moisture preservation. With improved efficiency, the stone guzzles less fuel, hits desired cooking temperature quickly, and permits limited moisture to evaporate. It reduces cooking time and produces juicier pastries and more flavorful meals with no soggy crust.

Limitless Culinary Journeys 

One pizza stone supports multiple culinary styles alien to other grills. The heat retention, even distribution, and efficient airflow render mouth-watering fresh bread like Italian-style pizza. Push your culinary envelope and bake, barbecue, sear, roast, smoke or grill.

Better Moisture Retention 

With reduced airflow, slight amount oxygen pokes through to maintain temperature. Ingredients will preserve more of their organic juices. Sink your teeth into tender, moist and succulent food. A porous cooking surface bakes your goods to produce the most exquisite, crispy edges.   

Best 5 Pizza Stone For BBQ 2018

Make The Best Crispy Crust Pizza

Make The Best Crispy Crust Pizza stone


• Made from high-end Thermarite renowned for high tensile strength, superior durability and thermal-shock proof properties

• Thermarite sucks up more moisture due to its unique, ultra-spongy and micro-pore surface to dehydrate moist dough for a crispy crust

• Pizza stone’s improved heat retention and distribution warms up food directly for the crispiest crusts

• Specially-treated cordierite for odorless cooking when heated

• Suitable for gas or charcoal grills and ovens as thermarite protects the dough from the extreme heat of the unit


• Round-shaped stones have reduced surface area than similar-size rectangular counterparts

• Not among the most abundant and thickest pizza stones in the market

The pizza stone boasts super-quality cordierite which’s as tough as nails to last for many decades. Dough placed on piping hot stone heats up rapidly by direct conductivity. It’s a workhorse to beat a crisp base crust and often intense flavors. Thermarite has a more uniform baking surface with a steady temperature profile.

Besides, it arrives ready to use after unpacking the package as you don’t need to season or condition. It’s certified safe and meets stringent multi-jurisdictional standards of the US, EU, and Germany. Cut for oven and grills.

The premium detail inhibits excessive temperature fluctuations while infusing a delicate, smoky taste to your rich grilled foods. The stone embodies a perfect confluence of aesthetics and functionality.

The configuration of sleek wooden luster and thermal-shock proof cordierite results in a perdurable and high-quality baking surface. Its generous package throws in a bonus scraper and free recipe eBook for dummies to get the ball rolling. 

You can explore numerous pizza delicacies for yummy pastries and toppings. It’s for those who have acquired a taste for restaurant-tasting pies as it absorbs heat and transmits it directly into your dough crust.

The stone eliminates rugged hotspots and replicates the kiln-high heat of a connoisseur pizza oven. Thermarite draws away excess moisture leaving a crunchy, soft crust.            

The Ultimate 16" Round Pizza / Bread Stone


• Stone made from thermal shock technology for the crack-resistant structure to endure extreme temperature fluctuations (Max. 1,500 degrees) safely

• 16” round-shaped pizza stone thicker and more spacious while it retains heat more efficiently and projects it towards dough

• Branded Core Convection technology redirects heat internally for evenly-baked, crispy crust and mouth-watering baked goods with no gross, soggy centers

• No fine kettle of fish stemming from spills and spoilt pizzas due to trademarked seepage stopper that deters dough from slithering off the back to pull it off and serve hot

• Instruction manual, a detailed online video tutorial and a 108 pizza recipe eBook with troves of culinary art

• Porous ceramic sops up moisture from dough for a crispier crust and ideal for large chunks of cookies, bread, and frozen pizzas


• It’s bulkier but has a stopper and elevated edges for a firmer grasp

• Unlike a metallic pan, you cannot clean with soap as it stinks up your next meal 

Strike home with pleasant-tasting, crunchy DIY pizzas armed with the arsenal of 16” stone. The round-shaped, thicker and more generous pizza stone has superior heat retention and projects it toward dough for a crispy crust.

Core Convection Technology redirects heat to the stone’s center with high-precision to weed out soggy centers and hotspots. The icing on the cake lies in a spill-proof stopper mounted on the stone’s rear to ensure the pie does not slip as you serve up.

The stone’s slight elevation carves out an edge for ergonomic grip. It’s thicker than other brands, clocking in at .83” making it break-resistant and ultra-durable. It snugly fits all manner of standard ovens with a minimum depth of 17”. Thermal shock technology withstands extreme temperature fluctuations; it won’t shatter if you place a frozen pizza.

The stone endures kiln-high temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees. It churns out the most excellent pizza delicacies with highly porous cooking lining to wick away moisture out of the baking goods.

The baking output mimics restaurant-quality with piping hot, molten and exotic tang. Gang up friends and family to relish a freshly-baked and wood-fired pizza. Strike the right note with fresh ingredients atop a crispy, juicily cooked bottom.        

Pizzacraft PC9899 20 x 13.5 Rectangular ThermaBond Baking/Pizza Stone 



• Superior durability, natural thermal-shock properties, and specially formulated material makes the most excellent for grill or ovens

• ThermaBond™ technology allows it to withstand temperature changes without cracking, shields your dough from the extreme heat and sops up moisture for a crispy crust

• Suitable for pizza, bread, pastries, and re-heating ready-made or frozen pizzas and baked goods 

• Superior heat retention for quick cooking and withstands temperatures at a minimum of 900°F

• 100% all-natural and FDA-certified material that does not emit nasty smells after heating

• It prevents sun-like hotspots while baking for a uniformly browned crust rivaling restaurant brick-lined oven

• East maintenance with no seasoning and conditioning


• The porous surface will retain detergent stench. You have to scrape off food remnants

• Takes longer to heat up but it’s a trade-off for even distribution and efficient thermal buffer

Pizzacraft comes from a high-density material known to withstand extremely high temperatures. ThermaBond™ technology improves its strength, thermal shock properties, and durability.

The FDA-approval means it will not give off offensive odors that stink high to heaven when heated like cheaper stones. Soup up your dough with superior heat retention and efficient conductivity from the grill. It speeds up the cooking process and produces a crispy bottom.

It helps to draw moisture to create the most delicate, crispy and wholesome crusts. Tuck into the scrumptiously charred flavor cooked with wood, charcoal, and gas. Pizza makes the fatted calf for dining guests outdoors. Dress up the dough with toppings that jazz up the taste for your kids.

Furthermore, it will not crack like fragile stones made from clay when exposed to kitchen ravages, direct high heat, and temperature fluctuations. Pizzacraft measures 20” ×13.5” ×6.7” in a rectangular shape with broader wriggle room than round ones making it easy duck soup to hit the spot.

The square profile carves out generous cooking surface area to whip up crispy and chewy pizzas in a trice.

Get the best bang for your pizza buck as you can cook bread and other pastries. Sliding frozen pizza while its hot will not shatter the stone into pieces. 

Pizzacraft 16.5" Round ThermaBond Baking/Pizza Stone

Pizzacraft 16.5" Round ThermaBond Baking/Pizza Stone


• Super-durable cordierite baking stone endures temperature fluctuations or thermal shock without fissuring

• Multi-culinary for bread, pastries, pizza and other baking goods while it inhibits hotspots for a uniformly-browned crust

• Designed to mimic the surface of the pizzeria-like brick oven as the natural stone draws, retains and distributes heat evenly

• Designed for heating or preheating ready-made frozen pizzas and other foodstuffs

• Trouble-free maintenance, no seasoning, and conditioning, ready to use right from the box

• ThermaBond™ stone crafted with proprietary technology specially-formulated to withstand thermal shock cracking, enhance even heat appropriation and retention

• Does not emit odors when heated and made from FDA-certified, all-natural materials

• 16.5” diameter creates a generous baking surface for family-sized meals


• Round-shaped baking surface pales in comparison to a similar-size rectangular stone 

• Emits odor but fades with time

The round-shaped pizza stone cut for pizza, bread or other baked goods right in your backyard. It has 16.5” diameter ThermaBond™ to endure thermal shock when you slide frozen foodstuffs without blowing apart. It does not pose seasoning and conditioning.

You hit the ground running. It cooks with heat-retentive properties of stoneware to churn yummy, golden-crisp texture of professional brick-oven style pizza.

The thick anatomy of this round baking stone helps retain and distribute heat uniformly for soft, thin crust baked to perfection. Durable thick baking stone has high-resistance to thermal shock. The smooth lining and better heat conductivity make the stone ideal to bake pastries, bread, and other goods. It packs the generous room to prepare family-sized pizza and dish out piping hot.​

With all-natural and FDA-approved materials, its 100% safe, free of heavy metals or toxins. You make a meal of dough at home jazzing up with fresh toppings without haggling for quick delivery. No onerous care like other stones that require drenching in water before baking.       

Big Green Egg 14" Large Pizza / Baking Stone

Big Green Egg 14 inch Large Pizza Baking Stone Authentic Big Green Egg Grill Smoker Accessories are a Must for BGE Users

• Versatile cookware for baking a broad array of recipes like pizza, pastries, and desserts due to superior heat retentive and distributive properties for even heating and browning

• Porous surface extracts moisture from the peripheral surface of the dough to produce brick oven crustiness while it retains heat perfectly to keep food piping hot for longer

• 14” in diameter and accommodates super-massive Big Green Egg and works as a heat insulator, shielding the baking goods from direct contact with the heat

• Toughened structure with high tensile strength, weather-resistance, and indelible quality

• Subtle, health-giving and Big Green Egg authentic flavor from a unique design that promotes efficient airflow within the unit for even heating

• Made from the highest grade of composite materials with improved insulating and heat reflective properties as well as thermal-shock capabilities 


• Top dollar price, but it has a nifty ConvEGGtor

• Round-shaped profile lacks generous room of a rectangular stone

The Big Green Egg embodies recrudesce of an Asian clay oven art invented 3,000 years ago. It has a better blend of unique ceramics that render high-level strength, weather-resistance, and thermal insulation. Throw your culinary experiences to new heights with a durable piece designed to bake for decades.

Big Green Egg whisks roasted meat, appetizing fish, crusty pastries and pizza with a crunchy bottom and delicate desserts. You won’t lose the natural flavor, texture, and coloring with this pizza stone. Slide your dough to bake with even heat dispersal for the crispiest, golden crust with no hotspots.

Because of the stone’s thermal shock qualities, external temperature fluctuations will not shatter its composite. You can monitor the temperature to a precision of one degree from 70°C to 350°C.

The stone not only allows grilling, smoke, braise, stir-fry or stew at low temperature but also bakes like a brick oven.     

Things to Consider Before Buying Pizza Stone for BBQ

Pizza Materials 

Pizza stones come from various natural materials such as clay, marble, firebrick, terracotta and much more. High-end composite pizza stones boast superior heat retentive and dispersal qualities for a crunchy, crispy pizza base. Improved thermal shock ability means the pizza stone will not shatter from temperature fluctuations.

Glazed vs. Non-Glazed 

Unglazed materials have better absorbent properties to wick away excess moisture. Micro-glazed natural materials permeated with ultra-fine pores sop up excess moisture. Micro-glazed stones will maintain their spic and span shine for long. The flip-side comes from their high prices. 

Round vs. Rectangular 

The market swarms with pizza stones in a variety of dimensions and shapes. A square or rectangular stone renders more versatility, increased surface area and wriggle room. However, a thick and sizable round-shaped stone will distribute heat across all sides evenly.


A sizeable stone can grill family-sized pizzas in a single stroke as it retains more heat and lessens cooking time. A thicker stone produces super-crispy pizzas due to superior heat absorption and distribution. Extra-large pizza stones also offer better durability and sturdiness.


First-rate pizza stones have less excessive cleaning though not soap washable. Consider ceramics that eliminate flavors that taint your next dough. You need cookware that spruces up at the drop of a hat. Demanding cleanups upset the applecart.   

Final Verdict

A top-class pizza stone for bbq will absorb moisture to create a crispy crust with no hotspots. Whet your appetite for dough-based and other foods with a pizza stone that beats a crispy, baked texture and crunchy layer that melts in your mouth.

Arm yourself to the teeth with pizzeria BBQ pizza stones for fresh and delicious taste. You can experiment the whole enchilada of pizzeria flavors from endless recipes.

With a stone that goes on a BBQ, you can bake bread, pastries and a broad variety of other mouth-watering dishes, treats, and different variations to put on the feed bag year-round. Grilled pizza infuses an extra smoky flavor alien to ovens and thaws your toppings consistently.     

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