Guide To The Large Pizza Stone To Feed Your Face For Decades

Large pizza stones

A large pizza stone with a pretty thick width heats rapidly and evenly making oven-baking culinary as easy as apple pie. With a layer as thick as two short planks, it’s break-resistant, thermal-proof and perdurable to withstand high-impact and temperature fluctuations. A more abundant stone has improved heat uptake and even appropriation for the optimum and consistent baking. The roomiest range from 14” to 21” and snugly fit in a standard-sized kitchen oven. Baking stones come in round, square or rectangular shapes. Rectangular-shaped models pack an enormous cooking surface area ideal to whip up pizza and other cuisines that gobble more space. They also absorb moisture as the pizza to crispen the crust.  

7 Benefits Of A Large Pizza Stone 

Solid As A Rock

A solid thick and large pizza stone adds durability to churn dough for a lifetime and last your generations like your grandma’s cast iron. Rugged pizza stones made from premium-grade materials endow superior strength and durability.

Efficient Thermal-Shock-and-Conductivity

Sizeable pizza stones made from cordierite and ceramic materials render high thermal-shock proof and ability to withstand temperature changes without cracking. Thicker widths offer additional durability to help it resist snapping.

Evenly Cooked and Crispy

A pizza stone with about ¾” to 1”thick will hammer out homemade restaurant-style pizza for the ideal crispy crust continuously throughout years. Large pores increase the surface area for the uptake of excess moisture for fresh, soggy-free dough.

Rectangular and Full-Size

Rectangular-shaped and bear-sized models allow easy maneuverability, and you don’t have to wrestle with the stone make a round pizza squarely fit. Square pizza stones have an ergonomic grip than round types with more room to do the job.    

Easy Handling & Transport

Super-large stones come with base-feet to lift it considerably from the baking lining for a firmer, more natural grip and transport from the oven. The base’ designs like divots render an improved, ergonomic grasp. You can smoothly slide your dough on or off the stone without hot spots.

Sizable Meals

You’ll make family-sized pizzeria-worthy pies with succulently textured crusts. Beat restaurant-quality pizzas or bread with crunchy-chewy crust. Preheat up to 500 degrees F to churn extra-large, thick-crusted pizzas to put on the feed bag for your entire family.

Flat and Versatile

Most extra-large pizza stones have an entirely flat cooking lining, which makes the transfer into or out of the oven easy duck soup. Flat porous surfaces produce amazing crusts, better blistering and quicker cook times. The cooking lining has minimal frictional resistance. You can capitalize on a flat cooking surface to accomplish a broad array of baking purposes.  

Best 5 Large Pizza Stone 2018 

Pizzacraft PC9899 20 x 13.5 Rectangular ThermaBond Baking/Pizza 

  • Multifunctional for bread, pastries, dough and other foods of all sizes and shapes as it inhibits hot spots as you cook for an evenly browned crust for delicious homemade pizzas
  • All-in-one baking furnace cooks the crispiest, flavorful and mouth-watering artisan-styled pizzas 
  • Cordierite pizza stone most ideal for pizzerias or restaurants angling for light, crispy crusts
  • Reheats frozen pizza at-the-ready or baked goods for the most delicious taste from crisp crust by sopping up excess oil or moisture  
  • ThermaBond™ technology specially designed deters thermal shock shattering, enhances even heat dispersal and retention for consistent cooking as well as durability
  • Pizzacraft stone contains cordierite, an all-natural mineral that shores up thermal-shock resistance
  • Made from 100% all-natural, eco-friendly and FDA-approved material without heavy metals such as cadmium, lead or toxins for uncontaminated output
  • Newly-developed and innovative model for better durability while it snugly fits standard-size ovens
  • Generous room measuring 20” × 13.5” ×6.7” to grill family-sized pizzas and a variety of cuisines
  • Super-large cooking surface promotes heat retention for improved browning and slower grilling
  • Luxuriously crafted with high-grade cordierite stone boasts natural mineral properties with thicker width for a sturdy, break-resistant and thermal-shock-proof structure
  • It withstands high kiln-like temperatures of up to 900°F / 480°C for the ultra-thin crust, crispy and brown pizzas
  • Cordierite constitutes a lead-free, nonstick and durable material that endures all manner of oven ravages
  • Seasoning-free, no conditioning making its maintenance and care a breeze-it’s all spruced up with a scraping spatula
  • Rectangular design for greater versatility and easy sliding or retrieval of pizzas while it’s easier to grip and toss than round stones

Square stones have extended width carving out more room to wriggle from mistakes when loading on dough in the oven while it's trouble-free to hit the spot

With this Pizzacraft stone, you can beat delicious pizzas and other foods with all the marbles of crispier, tastier and highly authentic artisan-styled pies. Cordierite’s natural mineral render an extraordinarily durable and crack-resistant stone immune from thermal shock.

You can make the light crispy crust as the stone appropriates heat evenly and efficiently. It lends a superior baking surface to kill the fatted calf for your friends or family and dine them with the crispiest pizza, bread, pastries or other foods. It’s rectangular-shaped for better versatility, increase the cooking surface area for subtle browning and ample wriggle space. Cordierite leads the pack due to its durability, excellent thermal-shock resistance, and high-temperature endurance.  

Kenley Large Pizza Stone 20x13.5in - Rectangular Stone     

Kenley Large Pizza Stone 20x13.5in - Rectangular Stone  ​

•    Made from high-impact ceramic stone that distributes heat evenly across the pizza’s base, fishing out, moisture to produce a consistent, crispy finish

•    The material withstands extreme oven temperature while its improved heatproof and break-resistant natural properties enhance durability

•    High thermal-shock proof ability gives the stone the ability to endure extreme temperatures without shattering into pieces

•    The pizza stone boasts superior heat retention and sturdiness for a scratch-and-damage proof surface against cutters or knives

•    Thick width ceramic for an indestructible and impermeable to thermal shock

•    20" x 13.5" rectangular-shaped stone creates chunks of space to whip up family-sized pizzas of up to 19”, cookies, pastries, pies or baked goods

•    The stone re-appropriates heat to the base of the oven to prevent a soggy pie base and hot spots or half-baked outputs

•    Ceramic stone creates a thin crust and bakes the pizza into crispy, mouthwatering crust while the toppings warm up to perfection

•    Perfect for pastries, pizza, bread or other baked foods as the stone inhibits the proliferation of hotspots by churning evenly browned crust

•    Nifty kitchenware for heating or re-heating ready-made baked dough or frozen pizza

•    It’s ideal for frozen, chilled and homespun pizzas as it bakes evenly for a crispy, crunchy crust

•     Improved heat retention keeps food warmth while you serve your family or friends

•    Kenley poses minimal maintenance and cleaning demands while it stays mess-free for a spic and span hygiene

•    Food-safe ceramic materials exceeding the FDA standards lacks harmful contaminants such as lead and cadmium

•    It remains odorless when heated to help prevent distortion of your ingredients original flavor

•    Rectangular-shaped for easier versatility to simulate the flavor of pizzas baked in a restaurant brick oven 

•    Rectangular stone for baking or cooking pizzas and bread in oven, grill or BBQ as it provides more surface area for foods requiring more room

•    Just slip the stone in a cool oven, preheat and slide the pizza onto the cooking surface-it’s a piece of cake

Kenley large pizza stone sprawls out the cooking surface area for wholesome pizza or bread that sticks to your ribs. Proprietary blend of ceramic sucks up the moisture in your pizza for a delicious crispy crust. It’s set in stone for superior thermal-shock properties to ensure it does not crack due to temperature fluctuations. 

California 19 inch round Pizza Stones     

California 19 inch round Pizza Stones

•    Rough and rugged construction renders a premium-grade quality design in a 19” round pizza stone

•    Stone disc suitable for outdoor grills and indoor ovens to spice up restaurant-quality pizzas, bread pastries or other baked goods 

•    It adds the tinge of a professional brick-lined unit to your kitchenware arsenal that eliminates hot spots as you whip up for an evenly browned crust

•    Sturdy, break-proof and thermal-shock resistant as to withstand high impact as well as temperature fluctuations without cracking

•    Its engineered with improved durability, strength and superior thermal-shock imperviousness

•    Made from rare toxic-proof Mullite composition loaded with a very high concentration of grog making the pizza stone indestructible and imperviable to thermal-shock

•    Consistent thermal conductivity with direct heat from the base ensures your toppings and dough bake simultaneously

•    Super-large and highly porous cooking surface for the optimum uptake of moisture for an exquisitely crispy crust

•    Top-class pizza stone made in the US under stringent standards and high-grade materials

•    A newly-developed round-shaped technology for baking in the oven for flushing hot spots and promoting heat retention 

•    Non-glazed, lead-free and FDA-approved as toxic-free with no heavy metals like lead or cadmium

•    100% guarantee against thermal-shock or cracking when cooking and baking

•    By replicating the intense dry heat of conventional ovens, the stone will prepare perfect crisp-layered pizzas and suck up moisture

•      Cut for barbequing pizzas and never cracks when applied on the BBQ

•    Most excellent for rapidly preheating wood pizza or baking ovens, they will not shatter due to extremely high temperatures

•    Extra-large to whisk pizzas with extended diameters like the New York style pizzeria or giant output

•    Superior temperature retention of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking 

•    Absorbent interior lining draws out peripheral moisture off dough and improves crust texture leaving it slightly moist inside and fluffier

•      Toxic-free Mullite mixture with a suave appearance and natural feel fused with unsurpassed quality and panache

•    Versatile for restaurant-quality pizzas, XL party pies, reheating fresh and frozen pizzas

•    Cooks crust without scorching or sticking to the stone for the most delicate, firm and crispiest crust

•    19” diameter creates generous room to bake your sizable specialty pizzas while dispersing heat uniformly for a spotless final output

California 19” round pizza stone holds heat perfectly and radiates it at an incredibly even and steady rate. Tuck into pizzas or pies with a disc stone designed to duplicate the impacts of a brick oven. The porous stone heats evenly and sponges up excess moisture in the dough for a superbly crisp crust.

21 Inch Round Pizza Stone     

California 21 Inch Round Pizza Stone

•    Resistant to thermal-shock and does not crack like designer stones swarming the market

•    Creates hot and freshened pizzas with the crispiest crusts and browning with bubbly toppings

•    Made of high-end, non-toxic Mullite mixture with tons of grog additives making the stone virtually imperishable and resistant to thermal shock or cracking

•    Porous cooking lining absorbs excess moisture to prevent soft, soggy crusts and half-baked dough for delicious pizzas with a crispy base

•    The stone transforms a standard oven into a pizza-maker as it distribute heat uniformly across the pizza base for a crispy crust

•    Heats up to cook out ready-made pizzas, frozen or homespun baked cuisines for the lightest, crispiest crust without the doughy and burnt bottoms

•     Tough and rugged construction adding an extra layer of longevity to the rare Mullite mixture

•    For the pizza-enthusing family, a 19” diameter pizza stone allows quick cooking, slicing or serving

•    Extra-large round shape carves out more room to accommodate bigger chunks to wine and dine your family with restaurant-quality pizzas

•    Super-quality baking stone made in the United States under the most stringent standards and advanced technology

•    Unglazed pizza stone with superior vapor-absorbent properties engineered to sop up moisture while radiating warmth evenly 

•    Certified non-toxic without harmful, corrosive or poisonous heavy metals like lead and cadmium while it lacks fumes with formaldehyde or phenol 

•    100% guaranteed against thermal-shock or high-impact to prevent cracking while baking and cooking

•    Steady, even heating makes cooking easy duck soup, even with heavily topped pizzas

•    Pizza stone endures high temperatures on the BBQ for all-year-round use without cracking like low-hanging fruits vehemently pitched in the market

•    Most ideal for whisking wood pizza or baking oven as it does not crack due to extremely high temperatures

•    21” diameter makes it among the super-massive dough stones in the market for saucing sizable round-shaped pizzas or bread loafs

Round pizza stone with natural heat retention and even conductivity for crispy, chewy dough in the blink of an eye. Rugged, sturdy and high-end Mullite constitutes superior thermal-shock impermeability and crack-resistance for decades. The ultra-absorptive surface of the pizza stone will sop up moisture for a finely crispy crust. Don’t fall prey to tenuous designer stones with flowery appearances, they’re all vine and no tatters. The staple 21” California pizza stone bakes up restaurant-quality and multi-layered crunchy chewy crusts and other delicacies.     

24 X 24 X 1 Square Industrial Pizza Stone     

california 24 X 24 X 1 Square Industrial Pizza Stone

•    Specially engineered heat core absorbs heat and transfers evenly for fresh homespun pizzas with a perfectly crispy crust that’s more delicious

•    Rugged and ultra-sturdy, unlike alluring designer stones prone to cracking prematurely

•    Made from high-end, non-toxic Mullite mixture with tons of grog making it tougher than nails, indestructible and resistant to thermal-shock impacts

•    California stone premium-grade ceramic evenly disperses heat while fishing out moisture from dough for a uniformly baked, crispy pizza

•    100% guaranteed factory-based testing against cracking or thermal shock

•    The porous lining for moisture uptake from particularly wet parts of the dough as you cook to prevent a soggy crust and helps churn a crispy crust 

•    24 X 24 X 1 Square Industrial Pizza Stone allows dough to bake to a golden-brown color while the crust cooks out with no hot spots and sticking for a finely firm and crispy crust

•    Made to duplicate crispy pizzeria quality pizzas with deep heating in your standard kitchen oven

•    Square and professional-grade pizza stone heats up more rapidly, retains and transfers warmth evenly to inhibit sun-like spots

•    1” thickness design endows it with improved durability and hardiness to withstand mechanical and thermal shock

•    The moisture-absorptive properties of non-glazed ceramic bake up bread and pizza with no parchment and hotspots leaving the crispiest crust

•    Square baking stones beat round ones as it has yawning depth for more wiggle room to slide pizza onto the cooking surface

•    Better versatility to hit the spot with scalpel-like precision as you have room to swivel a cat

•    Non-glazed cooking surface with a highly absorptive to suck up moisture with nonstick lining

•    Free of toxins such as lead or cadmium while its Federally-approved as a non-toxic pizza stone

•    100% guaranteed against cracking or thermal shock while cooking and baking

•    Withstands extremely high temperatures akin to kiln-firing making it a perfect solution for BBQ

•    Most excellent for rapidly heating wood pizzas or baking ovens as its sturdy and withstands thermal fluctuations   

It’s the perfect square stone to serve the whole enchilada of fresh, yummy pizzas or bread. It sops up moisture and evenly distributes heat for a subtly thin-layered crust with no dark spots. It’s manufactured in the USA with premium-grade materials for excellent thermal shock resistance as it endures extreme temperatures. Arm yourself to the teeth with an indestructible masterwork for Italian pizzeria quality output. 

A Contrast of the Large Pizza Stones 

Build & Construction

Ceramic materials have superior thermal conductivity, heat retention and transfer natural properties. However, choosing stones made from cordierite or Thermarite will do an excellent job by retaining and re-appropriating heat evenly. They also heat dough more evenly and thoroughly to render a crispy crust without hot spots or half-baked bread or pies.


Our collection of top five picks offers a broad spectrum of colors to complement your kitchenware ensemble. The market swarms with deep colors like beige, tan and much more for the fashion-conscious buyers. Aesthetics should remain a handmaiden to the construction and materials for thermal and mechanical shock resistance. Go for the elegantly designed but sturdy models.  


Whether you settle for a round or rectangular pizza stone, a thicker width improves heat conductivity and even dispersal. Thicker pizza stones render a more robust and ultra-durable piece that can withstand breakage or high impact. However, the thickness should not obliterate essential considerations like materials used for construction. 3/4” to 1” makes a stronger piece.

Rectangular & Square Design

Rectangular and square pizza stones allow more comfortable versatility due to their roominess for maneuverability. It also improves heating efficiency and even distribution of warmth to inhibit the formation of hot spots for a golden-brown crust. But some round-shaped pizza stones will produce a delicate, crispy crust just like square ones. 


Top-of-the-line pizza stones with multiple layers of nonstick material and a forever-seasoned lining make their maintenance a breeze. Factory-seasoning also adds rust-proof properties. However, each stone requires special care as soap may seep into the porous coating and transfer stench to your next pizza. Avoid pizza stones that crack when exposed to cold water when hot.  

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Large Pizza Stone 


The market packs a broad variety of materials like clay, steel, stone and even salt. While steel conducts heat more efficiently than granite, it lacks an absorptive lining leaving softer, soggy crust. Thermarite or Cordierite offers a highly absorbent surface to whip up crispy, chewy and wholesome pies. The materials natural properties constitute thermal-shock proof, crack-and-break resistant construction.  

Round vs. Rectangular

Large Pizza Stone with a rectangular shape carves out more room to wriggle out of your errors and hit the jackpot. It’s also easier to slide the pizza onto the cooking surface or retrieve it. You can whisk extra-large pizzas for households at once with a rectangular. Thicker stones also shore up tensile strength for resistance against high impact.


Some stones require pre-seasoning before use while others will do the trick without any conditioning. Pre-seasoning ensures the oil seeps into the porous layer to enhance a non-stick patina. It’s pretty easy, but most stones do not require any seasoning and hit the ground running after unpacking. It depends on preferences as pre-seasoning can affect flavor.

Glazed vs. Non-Glazed

Glazed lining makes a Large Pizza Stone scratch-resistant with fine crevices or pores which increase the rate of moisture uptake. The translucent pizza stone warms up to extremely high temperatures and transmits heat into your dough for the crispiest crusts, molten and cheesy toppings. Unglazed pizza stones provide cost-efficient and inexpensive alternatives.  

Final Verdict

Though you can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs, a Large Pizza Stone made from top-end materials will shine through crack-free. Thermal-shock resistance, rapid preheating and even distribution of heat whisk subtly crispy crusts without burnt spots or parchment. If you do not know beans about shopping for a Large Pizza Stone, our detailed guide feeds into your search. The best and super-massive pizza stone equips you with the grist for the mill to throw your indoor or outdoor culinary to the zenith. With enormousness as your buying point, you’ll surely know which side of your bread is buttered in the pizza stone market. Though all roads lead to Rome, shopping the best species of a Pizza stone requires a consideration of a cluster of factors.

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