Pampered Chef Pizza Stone Review

Pampered Chef Pizza Stone Review

Pizzas might be invented in Italy, but their popularity has spread all over the world. Everybody loves those triangular slices of cheesy goodness baked to perfection. You don’t always have to visit an expensive pizzeria or a posh restaurant to enjoy a pizza. The pizza stone allows you to bake your own homemade pizza in just a couple of minutes. You just have to prepare the dough, put in the toppings and sauce, place the pizza on the stone and pop it in the oven. It is that simple! 

Now, pizza stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. There are clay, ceramic, metal, cordierite and steel slab surfaces, each having its fair share of pros and cons. The Pampered Chef pizza stone, for instance, is made of clay. It is a one of a kind, classic, handcrafted stone piece that features built-in handles for better handling. Read through our Pampered chef pizza stone review to know more.

Pampered Chef Pizza Stone Review

Product Benefits: 

High Heat Retention

The pizza stone by Pampered chef has a very high retention capacity. It works well in temperatures as high as 500-degrees without cracking. Although, as the stone is made of clay, it is susceptible to cracks and damage when put under excessive pressure and thermal shocks. Don’t pop the stone inside the oven directly from the refrigerator. 

Absorbs Moisture 

The clay surface is non-porous and hence, absorbs the excess moisture and oil that is present in the dough. The pizza is flaky, crispy and super-thin just like the ones you’d see in commercial food joints. As the surface is non-stick, the “seasoning” is developed with every use. The darker the stone gets, the better it is. 

Non-Porous and Non-Sticky 

Most pizza stoneware is made either of ceramic, cordierite or metal. Now, these three materials, though super tough, are not very smooth. The dough sticks on to the stone’s surface. The Pampered pizza stone is made of clay and is hence, non-porous. The oil, odor, and dough doesn’t stick on to the surface but if they do, the mess can be washed away easily 

Sturdy Built 

The pizza stone is available in both square and round shapes. You can cook a variety of baked goodies in here without any hassles. The sturdy build of the framework is perfect for cookies, biscuits, cakes and pizzas alike. You can even heat the leftover food and frozen meat in here without having to pre-heat the stone. 

Easy to Use 

Pizza stones are pretty easy to handle and the Pampered chef model with its inbuilt handles is no exception. You can place the stone in the oven and remove it without burning your hands. The clay surface heats up pretty quick, it takes only a couple of minutes for the pizza dough to turn golden.

Pampered Chef Pizza Stone Review

Need to clean a pizza stone? Look here How to clean a pizza stone. 

Why should you use the Pampered Chef pizza stone?


Although it is called a pizza stone, the Pampered chef model can cook pretty much everything that can be baked. Pies, cakes, cookies, biscuits, heating up the leftovers, thawing frozen meat- you can do it all here. The 15-inch surface is ideal for large-sized pizzas, average family pizzas, and even small ones.

Easy Maintenance 

The pampered chef pizza stone is made of clay and hence is non-sticky and easy to clean. It takes less than a minute to simply wipe the surface with a wet cloth. You can also pop it in the dishwasher. The non-porous slab prevents the dough from sticking to the surface, hence making your job all the more easier. 

Cooks Faster 

The clay slab has a high heat retention capacity. The large round or rectangular stone spreads the heat evenly across the dough. The pizza base is crisp, light and cooked to perfection. Also, the surface absorbs the excess moisture and oil from the dough making the dish lighter, healthier and tastier. 

Great for Baking 

The pizza stone is great for baking and heating up the leftovers. The clay surface cannot be carried or set up outside as it doesn’t sit on the grill. However, you can make your own appetizers, sizzlers, and pies on the stone indoors. It comes with a pan scraper that allows you to scrape out the remains of the dough without damaging the surface of the stone. 

Saves time 

For Pampered chef pizza stone, you don’t have to preheat the surface. It heats up pretty quick as the pizza dough starts turning golden brown almost immediately. The 15-inch surface can fit in a lot of cookies, pies or small pizzas cooking them all together for saving time. 


  • check
    Non-porous surface absorbs the excessive moisture, leaving the bread flaky and crisp
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    It also doesn’t retain oil and odor of the pizza
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    Available in both round and rectangular shapes
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    Can be used on oven and broilers alike
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    Clay base retains maximum heat and cools faster
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    Can be used inside the microwave as well for heating the leftovers


  • You cannot use the stone outdoors on grills
  • Doesn’t have a high heat tolerance, tends to crack under extreme thermal pressure
  • The clay slab is not as durable as the ceramic or cordierite ones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Can I use the stone in a microwave or a broiler?
A:Yes, the stone has a high heat retention capacity and can be used inside an oven, microwave and broiler. Just don’t use it in grills.

Q:How should I clean the surface?
The Pampered chef model comes with a pan scraper. You can also wash the surface with soapy water or wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Q:How much does the stone weight? Also, what are its dimensions?
A:The stone weighs about 5 pounds and the surface is 15 inches in diameter

Q:Is it good for baking?
A:Of course, the pizza stone is great for baking pies, cookies, cakes and biscuits

Q:If the stone is turning a shade darker over time, is that okay?
A:Yes, that’s absolutely fine. The stone turns darker over the course of time as the seasonings accumulate over its surface. It would only enhance your cooking.

The Bottom​​​​​ Line 

Why spend a fortune ordering pizza from outside when you can bake one home! Yes, using a pizza stone even the most amateur chefs can make the most deliciously thin and flaky pizza. You just a good pizza base, an oven and a smooth surface to bake the pizza on, it’s that easy. The Pampered chef pizza stone is one of the many stoneware equipment out there that suit professionals and first-time users alike. We hope our Pampered chef pizza stone review was would be of help during your screening process.