Pizza Stone With Handles, Supplies & the Whole Kit and Caboodle

Pizza Stone With Handles

Kiln-high temperatures demand you keep your distance from the baking oven. But not anymore as using a pizza stone with handles helps you breeze through and serve piping-hot dishes without touching. The grips take to ergonomic cradle like a duck to water when it comes to pulling out the pizza stone. 

Some brands duplicate the stone’s thermal shock resistance and sturdy DNA in handles built like a brick outhouse, break-resistant and perdurable. Despite the bulkiness and roasting-hot temperatures, handles allow quick maneuvering.

Handle-equipped baking stones have emerged as the new face of flame propelling culinary to new heights, with experiences light-years from conventional grills.  

What Is A Pizza Stone With Handles? 

Pizza stone with handles refers to models with an inbuilt handle wired to the unit in a user-friendly style making its movement on and off the oven a breeze. Panhandling helps serve up freshened pizzas straight from the oven to the table while whetting the appetite of your guests.

The extra-long handle makes retrieval trouble-free to dish up piping-hot with a subtle hand. High-tech baking stone handle-grips fit snugly in your hands makes both maneuvering and cleaning a piece of cake.

For instance, wire handle racks allow you to transport the heated stone to the serving table safely and seamlessly.       

Benefits Of A Pizza Stone With Handles

Comfortable & Ergonomic Handles 

Integrated handles which do not intrude on the baking surface of the pizza stone promote safe and painless transport of baked goods to and from the oven.

With protective gear to shield your fingers against the scorching-hot stone, the non-slip handles allow safe gripping. Dual and extended handles prevent the firm grip from becoming uncomfortable.

Hole for Hanging 

Pizza stone with handles that leave some space in between utilizable as a hook for hanging. The slippery-proof ridges that give you a firm grip will keep your cookware securely hung. Leave it suspended for drying. The gap also cools up the handle due to airflow. 

Versatility & Maneuverability 

Unlike a conventional grill, a handles-armed pizza stone set directly over flame gives you far more maneuverability. You can control what happens to your food. You can raise or lower manually while you can fix racks or rotisseries.  

Heat and Break-Resistant 

Pizza stone with handles made from ceramic or commercial-grade materials withstands breakage and extreme heat without shattering. The holders will withstand the furnace-hot temperature without losing mechanical strength and natural luster. 

Best 6 Pizza Stone With Handles 2018 

1.    The Pampered Chef Large Round Stone  

The Pampered Chef Large Round Stone


•    No preheating to grill or bake your foodstuffs on the cooking surface but requires thawing dense frozen foods

•    Stone sponges up excess moisture from moist dough to cook light, tender, and crispy crustiness

•    The pizza stone’s efficient heat retentive and conductive properties warm up baking goods directly for the golden-tanned, thin layered crust

•    Nonstick seasoning built with continuous use and improved as it darkens while it does not retain oils, odors, and flavors 

•    Compatible with microwave, freezer, and conventional or convection oven

•    Pan scraper in the package for trouble-free spruce up and hand-washable

•    Inbuilt handles make it a cushy job to retrieve the stone from the grill without tampering with your food 


•    Non-absorbent ranks lower in moisture uptake than their porous counterparts

•    Stone darkens as a pot with use tainting its shine although baking improves significantly 

The Pampered Chef pizza stone hits the highest temperature to beat authentic, brick-oven-quality pizzas. No preheating to transform your oven and grill into a first-class pizzeria café with the crispy-thin crusted pizza jazzed up with molten toppings. Savor dense frozen foods such as meat but remember to thaw first.

The stone churns the crunchy pizzeria-quality crust and softens your toppings simultaneously. It sucks up and preserves heat for uniform cooking and tanned crusts.

Cast Elegance helps to inhibit uneven hotspots and mimics the super-extreme heat of a chef-grade oven. The pizza stone sops up excess moisture for tender, crunchy crust. Forget the porous surfaces characterizing rival models; the stone’s non-absorbent lining does not trap oils, flavors or stench. Nonstick seasoning develops with every culinary page you open in throughout the years.

You can whip up frozen or homemade pastries, bread, pizzas and a variety of delicacies down to a T. Handles make portability and maneuverability easy duck soup.        

2.    Pizzacraft 15" Round Ceramic Baking/Pizza Stone with Wire Frame 

Pizzacraft 15" Round Ceramic Baking/Pizza Stone with Wire Frame


•    Premium-grade ceramic withstands thermal shock and extremely high temperatures. It will not crack due to temperature changes if you slither a frozen pizza

•    Ceramic enhances durability and thermal shock impermeability while it sponges up excess moisture with superior heat retention and conductivity

•    Wire handle rack and pizza peels make transport and storage by hanging as easy as A, B, C

•    It’s ideal for pizza, bread, pastries and other baking goods as it inhibits hotspots while cooking for a uniformly tanned crust 

•    Also convenient for preheating ready-made or frozen pizzas or dough while it works without seasoning and conditioning

•    Round-shaped with the increased surface area to accommodate mega pizzas and ample elbow room to help hit the target with military precision

•    Comes with all bells and whistles packaged in a wood peel set 


•    Made from rugged and highly absorbent material that will retain soapy stink when cleaned with detergents

•    Emits smell in the oven but this dwindles with time as you cook

Make the yummiest pizzas from scratch without feeling the pinch or tipping the delivery guy. This round-shaped stone will whisk delicious pizzas that melt in the mouths of your guests.

Push the recipe envelope by experimenting with bread, pastries, and all manner of baked goods. It throws in a wooden pizza peel that helps in sliding baking substrates to and from a baking-hot stone. The medium-sized wooden pizza paddle made from sturdy hardwood comes in handy when sliding the dough on and also acts as a serving piece.  

Pizzacraft prepares mouth-watering pizza, pastries, bread and other baked goods. The stone will inhibit sun-like hotspots while cooking and create a uniformly browned crust. Join the home-based growing pizzeria community and fire up your grill for artisan-quality pizzas.

The 15” round ceramic baking stone will deliver a delicious pizza dough recipe and molten toppings in a trice. It’s cut for a delicious piping hot, crispiest crust pizza in your element.  

3.    Pizzacraft Round Pizza Stone with Handles - PC0104 

Pizzacraft Round Pizza Stone with Handles - PC0104


•    Engineered from ultra-durable and thermal shock proof cordierite, you can slide frozen foods on the scorching-hot surface without the risk of cracking

•    Ideal for yummy pizzas, bread pastries, pie, and other baked goods due to even heating that result in a scrumptious, crispy and thin-layered crust 

•    Does not require seasoning or conditioning to get the ball rolling while you can clean by scraping off food remnants  

•    Extended handles for an ergonomic and comfortable grip makes portability and maneuvering a breeze. You can dish out baked goods red hot.  

•    It inhibits sun-like hotspots while baking and churns out a consistently browned crust simulating the products of a professional brick-lined oven

•    Round-shaped design helps absorb and appropriate heat uniformly, from the center to the edges while it eats up more room for even baking

•    Thicker than competition models making it perdurable and indestructible


•    Requires a slight amount of cornmeal to make it nonstick before sliding dough or bread on top

•    Round-shaped design shrinks wriggle room and cooking surface, unlike rectangular ones

Pizzacraft’s round pizza stone by CastElegance creates the most delicate, crispy crusts. The cordierite surface draws excess moisture from the dough due to superior heat conductivity and retention.

Excellent thermal shock resistance prevents breakage stemming from variations in external temperature. The generous cooking surface permits you to grill mega pizzas like a bolt from the blue. In addition to round pizzas, you can prepare Long French baguettes or artisanal bread.

Like restaurant ovens, the pizza stone takes up the heat and conducts it uniformly for golden-browned crusts. It’s also thick for a break-resistant and heat-proof construction making it a workhorse for ovens or grills.

It will fit snugly in your standard oven or grill. It cooks delicious pizzas without spewing nasty odors while it’s free of toxic substances like heavy metals.     

4.    Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone with Carry-Rack 

Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone with Carry-Rack


•    Break-resistant and thermal-shock-proof cordierite improves the cookware’s durability making it your oven or grill workhorse

•    Highly absorbent cordierite surface wicks away moisture from moist dough or bread and imitates restaurant pizza ovens for excellently baked, piping hot and mouth-watering yields

•    Usable with Gourmet BBQ mechanism charcoal grate as it focuses heat in the center and redirects it marginally to cook evenly for scrumptiously crispy crust without soggy cores

•    Carry rack for seamless transport of your baked goods and secure storage

•    Italian-style pizzeria cuisines on a gourmet BBQ grill designed to duplicate a masonry oven over a quaint patio

•    Cut for pizza, dessert, bread and la dolce vita delicacies cooked in gentle and crispy thin crust pizza


•    Lacks detailed instructions or manual guide for dummies

•    Highly absorbent surface will retain soap aroma when used in cleaning

You can now bake restaurant-style pizzas on the 16” round stone, and it's thicker to retain heat for the most delicate, crispy crust.

Besides, it settles securely on your grill or gourmet BBQ system. It redirects heat inside for consistent cooking, crispy crust and mouth-watering pies with no gross, soggy centers.

With ultra-durable and thermal-shock proof cordierite, it’s designed to simulate restaurant brick ovens. Make Italian pizzeria Disneyland with a stone that sucks up heat rapidly to crisp your pizza crust and melt the toppings. High-grade cordierite not only heats up evenly but also conducts quicker than ceramic to bake in the shortest space of time.

Carry rack makes transport and serving up baked goods as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. It fits standard into the gourmet BBQ system baking grate and remains in place as you cook without wobbling. You can pigeonhole your package with an Original Pizza Paddle and Gourmet BBQ System Griddle for less than a hundred bucks. 

5.    Vremi Ceramic Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven - Large Round 15 Inch Nonstick Baking Stone 

Vremi Ceramic Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven - Large Round 15 Inch Nonstick Baking Stone


•    High-grade ceramic material that withstands extremely high temperatures of up to 450°F without shattering into pieces

•    Extra-large 15” and super-thick chef bread stoneware ideal for pies or tarts

•    Unfettered pizzeria stoneware for personal pan, XL party pies and reheating fresh and frozen pizzas on oven rack and tray as well as chicken, tenders or shrimps

•    Fits 15” pizza for a mega size that sticks to the ribs of your group of friends or the entire family

•    Nonstick for straightforward retrieval of baked goods for serving while hot as well as quick cleanup by wiping down sticky remnants

•    Handles for faster and more comfortable transport across the kitchen to dish out baked goods piping hot tang while you slide your pizza off or on in a fast-clip

•    Easily cleanable by wiping with a moist fabric and toxic-free packs more cooking adventures in the offing  


•    Requires pre-heating in the oven before use to deter cracking

•    Cold stone prone to breakage when transferred to the oven

Vremi Ceramic Pizza Stone designed for the grill and oven beats restaurant-quality baking goods in your backyard. The stoneware feels lighter at its size and distributes heat for even cooking.

Relish traditional pizzeria staples using this premium-grade ceramic baking stone. It’s versatile to prepare pies, pizza, pastries and lip-smacking recipes such as chicken tenders, shrimps, and desserts. Preheat fresh pizzas and frozen pizzas on the oven rack and tray to their fullest flavors.

Put on the feed bag with tasty pizzas indoors and outdoors. The baking stone snugly fits in gas and charcoal grills permitting you to inject pizzeria tinge to your BBQ.

Inbuilt handles promote safe and straightforward transport to and from your oven or grill. The small handles do not encroach cooking space or wriggling room for maneuvering.        

6.     Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-inch 

Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-inch


•    Stone has impressive heat absorptive and retentive properties to keep treats warmer longer to whet the appetite of your guests

•    Cooks bread, pastries, biscuits, and scones by evenly heating food

•    Chrome plated dishing rack for safe-gripping the pizza stone for quicker retrieval from the oven or grill

•     The pizza stone polishes off the crust, cooking the dough into crispy, yummy crust and warm up toppings to perfection

•    Serves up right off the pizza stone with the silver carrying rack while already hot before the delicate crust wanes


•    Placing cold and room-temperature pizza stone on the hot grill can lead to shattering

•    Round-shaped and thus offers less cooking surface than a rectangular stone of similar size

Things to Consider Before Buying Pizza Stone With Handles


Pizza stone with handles transforms pizzeria culinary ventures into barrels of fun. Additionally, some models carve out finger holes that permit hassle-free repositioning or portability. Storage becomes a breeze as you only need to plug it into your wall.


Carry rack, and essential accessories will help slide baking goods onto and off the stone. Spoiling or slipping your pizza will wreak havoc and upset the applecart in front of your guests. Cream of the crop pizza stones come with a rack, wooden pizza peel, slicer, server, sauce and much more.


The pizza stone niche seethes with plethora materials like clay, ceramic, proprietary Thermarite, cordierite and much more. First-rate materials offer high-density, durability, and thermal-shock resistant properties. Ensure the stone will not shatter due to extreme heat and cold.


While a round-shaped pizza stone seems practical to meet pizzeria demands, a rectangular or square one offers improved versatility. A rectangular stone will make a round pizza and also provides ample elbow room for monitoring and maneuvering baking goods.

Glazed or Unglazed 

Unglazed pizza stones will absorb excess moisture and conduct even heat. But folks who purchase glazed versions vouch on easily cleanable and maintainable cookware. You can invest in an unglazed one and squirt cooking spray for the same results.

Final Verdict

Pizza stone with handles has emerged as an ace in the hole for chefs and DIY pizzeria enthusiasts making cookery a piece of cake. Handles allow you to pull out your baked goods and serve up piping hot for the signature, distinct flavor of the Italian pizzeria recipes.

Unlike a conventional grill that comes with a grate ensconced in close range to the fire; pizza stones shield your foodstuffs against direct heat. Accessories like the serving rack, slicer, peel, and sauce render better flexibility and control over your food.

Given the unfettered manipulative cookery of panhandled pizza stones, you can flirt with zest by selecting gas or charcoal, adding toppings like cheese

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