Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Stone Review

Everybody loves a good pizza! Millions take to the internet to profess their undying love for a cheesy, thin crust slice of happiness. Unfortunately, we cannot always visit a pizzeria when the mood strikes.

A pizza stone is a blessing in disguise for foodies who want to enjoy a scrumptious pizza without leaving the confines of their house.

Finding the right pizza stone is not an easy task, you have to consider the thickness, size, texture, build and quality of the slab among other things.

Wilton, as a brand, may be known for its cake decorating accessories, but has recently launched a fine ceramic pizza stone measuring 15 inches. The stone is also assisted you in baking biscuits, rolls, bread and lot many goodies. Interested already? Read through our Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Stone Review to know more-

Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Stone Review (Product Features)

Premium Quality Construction

 Wilton pizza stone is known for its commercial-grade framework and durable construction. Made entirely out of ceramic, the stone cooks the food evenly and lasts for quite some time.

The 15 inch surface is large enough to fit a large a family size pizza. On the downside, the slab tends to crack when exposed to extreme temperatures suddenly.

Heat Retention Capacity

 The ceramic pizza stone has a high heat retention capacity and can lock in the heat for a considerably longer period of time. You don’t have to heat up the food anymore, just serve the pizza directly to your guests on the slab and enjoy it warm. A sudden change in the temperature might cause a few cracks.

Ergonomic Design 

Wilton products are known for their aesthetically appealing and ergonomic designed framework and the Perfect Results pizza stone is no less. Featuring a cream-colored ceramic stone surface and metallic handles, the entire body is built to perfection. 

What’s more, the 15 inch structure is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. You can use the pizza slab both indoors and outside.

Chrome Serving Rack 

The chrome plated serving rack placed at the end of the ceramic stone might be just the product’s best feature. The insulated and ergonomic framework is easy to carry around and protects your hands from getting burnt in the oven. 

Other than that, the chrome rack can be used as a serving dish, you can directly place the pizza on the rack and offer it piping hot to your guests.

Retains Moisture
The ceramic stone has a high heat retention capacity that keeps the plate heated long after you’ve taken it out of the oven. The food is cooked a lot faster and remains warm for quite some time.

Also, the slab absorbs and locks in the moisture making the crust crispier, lighter and tastier.

Why should you use Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Stone?

Very Versatile 

Wilton’s Perfect Results Pizza Stone is innovative and unique cooking equipment great for homemakers, professional chefs and amateurs alike. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just cook pizza on the pizza stone. Here, you can make all kinds of baking goodies like biscuits, calzones, rolls, bread, cookies etc. Also, you can heat up the leftover food easily.

User-friendly and Easy to Maintain

The ceramic slab is easy to use and easier to maintain. The ceramic stone is non-stick (though bits of dough did stick on to the surface) and doesn’t absorb a lot of oil and cheese. The slab absorbs and retains the excessive moisture leaving the crust thin and flaky. Just avoid exposing the slab to sudden temperature changes and you’ll be fine.

Faster Cooking Action 

The ceramic slabs retain the heat and lock it in the surface, thereby cooking the pizza faster than a regular oven. All you have to do is set the pizza dough on the slab and put it in the oven. The crusty cheesy pizza is ready in just a matter of minutes! Also, the ceramic surface accounts for faster baking as it takes in the moisture of the dough.

Energy Efficient 

Baking a pizza in an oven is a time-taking process that involves a lot of heat and electric energy. A pizza stone is a much more affordable and effective alternative. It retains the heat and doesn’t allow it to escape, thereby cooking the food faster using less energy than a regular oven or stove.

Portable and Lightweight

The pizza stone measures 15 inches long and can bake everything from cookies to biscuits and large pizzas. Weighing just less than 6 pounds, the product is extremely portable and easy to store. You can use the pizza stone both inside and outside your house, provided there are a nearby power source and oven at your disposal.


  • Huge surface, great for all kinds of baked goodies
  • Spreads the heat evenly for crispy thin crust instead of a soggy one
  • Chrome serving rack helps in removing the pizza easily
  • check
    It is great for heating up the leftovers
  • check
    High heat retention and moisture lock capacity
  • check
    Heavy duty plating makes the stone pretty durable
  • check
    Very easy to clean and carry around


  • Susceptible to damage
  • Don’t put the stone in a hot oven directly from the fridge, it can crack
  • The pizza dough sticks to the surface a bit
  • close
    A bit heavier than other similar models

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I clean out the stains on the pizza stone?
A:You cannot. Just allow the grease and oil to accumulate on the stone, it makes the surface non-stick

Q: Can I slice the pizza when it’s hot and on the stone? 
A:Of course, the pizza cutter might leave some minor scratches on the surface but doesn’t cause any lasting damage.

Q: What is the thickness of the stone and what is its temperature capacity?
A:The stone is 9/16 inches thick and works well in temperatures as high as 450-degree F

Q: What is the best way to wash the pizza stone?
A:As ceramic is porous, we advise you not to soak the stone in soapy water. Gently rub the surface with vegetable oil to get rid of the sticky dough.

Q: Where should I place the pizza stone in the oven? 
A:For best results place the stone on the bottom rack of the oven. Make sure that the stone doesn’t get wet inside or it might crack

The Bottom Line 

Nothing beats the bliss of gorging on delicious gooey homemade pizza. If you are looking for an alternative to the brick oven, the pizza stone by Wilton is your next best bet. Perfect Results stays true to its name- it is premium quality stoneware that bakes the bread perfectly. Cheesy, right? We hope this Wilton Perfect Results Pizza Stone Review helps you make the right choice. 

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